Message from AFT Administrator, Ruby J. Newbold:

by / Friday, 20 March 2020 / Published in Local 1521A News

Good Morning 1521A Members,

These are trying times. We are under a National and State of Emergency. No one has been through something like this. We all are anxious, nervous, and fearful of the uncertainties of this pandemic.

Your Executive Secretary and I worked all weekend to get clarity of the various memorandums that employees of LACCD received over the last several days. I had a conversation with both Board of Trustee President Hoffman and Chancellor Rodriguez. We need to adhere to the directions of the district until we can get through this.

1521A would never tell our members to be insubordinate. We ask that you report to work if you can. We understand there are some limits for some of our members. We have been assured that members will be made whole (i.e. will not lose pay). We were adamant with the district that members should not have to use vacation and/or sick time when directed to stay home or go home.

It is easy for us to tell you to stay calm. But we ourselves are just as nervous as you are. We will work through this as a team.

In the meantime, if you are sent home, stay home because of fear or kids, or any other reasons, please email me ( and your Executive Secretary Steven Butcher at We will be dealing with these on a case by case basis at the moment.

In Solidarity,

Ruby J. Newbold
Staff Guild Administrator

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