Greetings sisters and brothers of 1521A, I hope this newsletter finds you safe and healthy. We have had a hectic and confusing week. We wish to thank members who contacted us about their concerns and issues related to the numerous directives received from the LACCD. We are keeping a detailed list of all concerns and

Staff Guild Office Closure

Saturday, 21 March 2020 by

The AFT Staff Guild Office will be closed until  at least Friday, March 27th due to the recent Pandemic concerns. We will keep you posted on when the office will re-open. During this time, all office personnel will have access to email accounts. Any Members questions or concerns can be directed to Steven Butcher, Executive

Good Morning 1521A Members, These are trying times. We are under a National and State of Emergency. No one has been through something like this. We all are anxious, nervous, and fearful of the uncertainties of this pandemic. Your Executive Secretary and I worked all weekend to get clarity of the various memorandums that employees

All nominations are final and will be placed on the ballot for voting See the list here: 2020 Officers and EBoard Elections Nomination List